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On-site communication with customers, subcontractors, important visitors and of course your staff is easily achieved in areas including reception, board room, meeting rooms, project team rooms, call centre operation rooms, restaurants, waiting rooms and customer contact centres in retail stores. Using large display panels, Cooper Software can display in a highly graphical way, messages, metrics, and eye-catching graphics. Live data feeds with up-to-date information, cycled messages, pictures, videos, or metrics charts' constructed and positioned in your chosen arrangement of windows, provide a highly attractive, immediate and efficient means of communicating your key business messages.

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Standard Plasma Display
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Advanced Plasma Display
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Plasma Display With TV
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ISO 9001:2000 Awarded to Cooper Software
Following an assessment by an independent body, Cooper Software has been awarded ISO 9001 certification. This certification has only been achieved by about 5% of UK businesses and this prestigious award is supported by the Government and recognised world-wide.