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Here are a list of questions that we are frequently asked. Click on each title to expand the section.
What is MiView™?
Why did you make MiView™?
How is MiView™ Delivered?
What is different about your deployment method?
What is different about MiView™?
How does the Toolset work?
How is MiView™ Purchased?
What happens after the installation?
What technical dependency is there for MiView™?
What data sources can MiView™ import?
What if I need an interface that is not in your toolset?
Can users create their own charts and reports?
Can we deploy our reports via the internet?
How about sending reports at pre-determined times?
I have already got Crystal Reports - will I lose my investment if I move to MiView™?
What about Plasma screens - e.g. in our reception area, or on our production line?
How do you handle mobile devices - like phones, PDA's etc?
How does your support work?
What about enhancements?
ISO 9001:2000 Awarded to Cooper Software
Following an assessment by an independent body, Cooper Software has been awarded ISO 9001 certification. This certification has only been achieved by about 5% of UK businesses and this prestigious award is supported by the Government and recognised world-wide.